The company Agricon provides turnkey project implementation, including the attraction of financing not only for equipment, but also financing of construction, installation and commissioning works.

The company works with EPC + Finance contracts, i.e. from engineering, supply and construction to project financing. Financing programs have been developed and successfully implemented for agroinfrastructural projects for storage and processing of agricultural products.

Over the past two years, together with European partners, manufacturers of elevator equipment, were built and financed complexes for more than 50 million euros.

Project financing
Deferral of repayment of the principal amount for the period of the construct
Long term financing (3-7 years)
Registration of the transaction for customers is not much different from the usual bank loan

The first installment of the loan repayment in 6 months

Prepare reports according to domestic standards


Receive a decision on readiness for funding


Prepare European standard financial statements


Make the first payment of 15-20%


You get the equipment and start building


Paying off the loan from the income that the elevator brings in


Fill out the form and get a personalized financing offer

Let's meet and discuss all the issues!